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People are discovering the delicious healthy taste of buffalo meat. With a taste with just slightly sweeter and richer natural flavor than fine beef, buffalo has the added benefit of more proteins and nutrients with fewer calories and less fat than beef.

Custer County Market offers most popular cuts including, Rib eye, New York Strip and Sirloin Steaks.
Also for your consideration are Chuck Roasts, Bratwurst, Hotdogs, Salami, Jerky and freshly ground

When cooking buffalo meat, remember to trim all fat . Grill steaks and patties over low heat and flip the meat several times to avoid overcooking. It is very lean meat with no fat marbling and requires a little more attention to achieve the perfect and most satisfying natural food you have ever tasted.

To broil, move your rack on notch down from the broilers flames to avoid cooking to quickly.

To roast, set the oven temperature at 250 degrees F, slow roast until the thermometer registers 155 F in the center of the meat. Remove from oven and leave covered before carving to redistribute juices throughout the meat to enhance flavor.

Although buffalo meat is similar to beef, it needs to be handled and cooked differently. Most recipes for other red meats can be adapted to  buffalo. The important things to remember are, do not overcook and do not let the meat dry out.